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How to Choose the Best Slot Machine in Real and Online Casinos?

Choosing the right slot machine

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Choosing the right slot machine, whether you play online or in the real casino, is highly important for your success as the goal is to invest money to win more money. Still, when choosing these, a lot of people don’t know how they actually can increase their chances for winning as there are a couple of strategies that can help you both on mobile and brick-and-mortar slots. This article will help you to understand the ways to improve your chances. Once you read these, you will realize that increasing chances for winning isn’t that hard. So, make sure that the next you get a smartphone in your hands to try to apply some of these tips and you will win more money guaranteed!

Choose slots with good RTP

If you play via laptops, choose slots with high RTP. The Return To Player ratio shows the percentage of overall money wagered on a game that will players get back over time. Yes, it means that if you invest $100, you should be able to get 95% of RTP, or $95 in cash terms. When we compare the online and land-based games, online slots go slightly in favor of players as these offer high RTP since land-based have RTP around 70%, while online ones have RTP anywhere from 86% to 98%, depending on the operator. The reason for this is that the land-based ones have limited physical space and therefore have to keep up with their expenses and still make a fast profit.

Place enough bets to catch jackpots

One of the best ways to make money is to play progressive jackpots. One of the most famous is Mega Moolah, where every real money bet that is placed in Grand Mondial Casino or any other place as well, has a certain amount of money that is deducted and saved in the prize pool for the progressive jackpot that anyone can win once the pool is full! What is really interesting is that these video, four-tier or any other type of progressive jackpot slots pay less than any other game, but if you get lucky to start playing at the right time, you will win a ton of cash. Therefore, make sure that you place enough bets so you can become eligible to participate in progressive jackpots since you have to place a certain number of bets before you become eligible for it. While we will not explain this in this article, you can find in any of the slots review articles more tips on progressive jackpot games.

Choose the games that you like

When you find your casino where you plan to play, remember that is highly important to find a game that matches your preferences and personality, as it is important to find a one that you really like. If you play a game just for the sake of money, you will get bored quickly and you will start looking for another one. Therefore, spend some time on the research. Find a game that you really like and test each of them to see since some video slots, for example, have free spins that you can use to win money without investing.

Stay within the budget

The online gambling has on the big problem – staying within the budget as it is very hard to lose track of time and money when you sit in front of PC and play. Never bet what you cannot afford to lose as this is the only way to stay within a budget and not cause severe financial problems. There is a universal rule that you should follow. Your bankroll should cover 250 bets so you could have 90% of lasting for three hours.

Stick to the machines at the end of the row

If you play in a land-based casino, make sure you stick to the machines that are at the end of the row. Why? Because of one simple reason. Simply because a lot of people notice these when passing and the majority of people will stick to the one at the end of the row to avoid going deep in the casino, meaning that more money should be in that particular machine. It is a theory, but it usually works.

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